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Building Technology Services (DAS/WiFIi/IoT):

VTOtelecom partners with venues, class A office and residential properties, and several of the world’s largest real estate management companies. Our clients hire us to capture new growth opportunities created by network densification, continued expansion and emerging technologies. 

Rooftop Management:

We provide turnkey management of rooftops (collections, leasing, sidewalks, site surveys, supervised access, administrative duties, maintenance and repairs). Our established relationships with all national carriers allow our clients to capitalize on immediate opportunities. 


VTOtelecom trusted advisers support a variety of real estate owners and wireless carriers in making strategic decisions about wireless strategy and more. We help our clients navigate the future ecosystem to determine where to invest and how to profit from IoT and emerging technologies.

Connectivity Solutions:

An effective connectivity solution can give companies the edge that sets them apart from the competition. We help our customers unleash the collective value of their properties to build sustainable and reliable connectivity that delivers better results for lower costs while increasing revenue pools. 



Superior connectivity increases marketability to tech savvy tenants who expect strong cellular and data coverage. IoT devices are changing the way buildings behave and can have a powerful effect on revenue. Let us help you evaluate the technologies that add value to your building. 


Our team has designed dozens of DAS and Wif infrastructure during building construction. VTOtelecom's planning program significantly reduces DAS costs and eliminates future tenant disruptions. 


Our team has negotiated thousands of wireless agreements and national build-outs over that past several decades. Our projects have ranged from a few hundred thousand to $500M+ programs. 

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