Do you have an Orphan Tower?


Definition: An orphan tower is a cellular broadcast location, typically a cell tower, on a commercial real estate property that is not owned or managed by a greedy tower company.  These towers often come to the light during a real estate transaction.  These transactions often highlight that the purchaser, or seller, understands very little about the value of the tower asset.


For example: What antennas are on the tower, what other equipment exists on the tower and at the base of the tower, how is it being managed, when do the existing leases terminate or renew, are the rents at a fair market value, what is the overall condition of the structure/foundation, what is the overall value of the tower and how should it be valued and how much liability exists.

If you are purchasing or have recently purchase a property with a cell tower or cellular infrastructure located on it, our guides will provide a free quote for evaluating the asset and wireless agreements. No strings attached.  

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