Are you getting fair market value for antennas on your rooftop?

You could be leaving large sums of money on the table, or giving away exclusive rights to your rooftop. Let us help you navigate and negotiate your scenario. 

VTOTelecom helps building owners make better decisions with leasing, managing,  and maximizing rooftop revenue on their assets.

The principles of VTOtelecom have 30+ years of telecommunications experience. Our team has sat at every seat of the table and understand what motivates both building owners and wireless carriers. We 100% align with our clients to ensure that their building assets are not only generating additional revenue but are also being protected from pitfalls that other firms often overlook.


We stay engaged with property managers, building owners, and REITs to increase the NOI at their properties.


• Cellular Lease Negotiations - New Leases and Terminations
• 3rd Party Rooftop Management Firm Negotiations
• Lease Assignments/Lease Transfer Negotiations
• Term Extensions on Existing Leases
• Equipment Modifications & Expansions
• New Wireless Lease Agreements
• "Orphan" Sites
• Lease Buyouts
• Lease Audits (including financial and physical audits)
• Review of Master Lease or Marketing & Management Proposals
• Physical Site Audits/Inspections/Equipment Inventory


VTOTelecom Investment Guarantee: Increasing the value of your rooftop assets is our core objective. We guarantee to deliver profits or savings in excess of at least double any
consulting fee.

Commercial Wireless Technology Property Services:

skills & services


Let us help showcase your property you get to the right cellular carriers,  IOT solutions, and other providers to maximize your rooftop revenue.


Your rooftop is more valuable than you think! We can help you understand the value and increase your NOI. How can our team help you increase your NOI?


Failure to negotiate adequate lease and business terms oftentimes result in missed revenue opportunities. Similarly, poorly managed agreements do too. Do you know your terms? 


VTOtelecom provides experience and insight to guide our clients to maximize the value of their rooftops.


We help our clients capture revenue from rogue installations to new tenants. Our team has audited & negotiated hundreds of wireless agreements and inspected thousands of wireless sites. VTOtelecom was established to empower building owners to maximize the value of their rooftops.  


VTOtelecom has national relationships with the nation's largest wireless providers and rooftop management companies.  We are currently negotiating rooftops across the country and helping building owners maximize their building's NOI.   


Does your rooftop have underutilized space available to lease?

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